Bootstrap VS Foundation

Bootstrap initially started as Internal Style Guide developed by Mark Otto & Jacob Thornton for consistency in their user interface components. Bootstrap is second most popular Repository & frontend Framework for web. Aim of using Bootstrap is running your web with professional style and functioning as efficient and faster as possible.

Most used CSS framework with HTML & Java Script. Earlier its main objective was to design responsive websites. It has a massive number of features which make the process faster & simple. It is the framework for “devices of all shapes”, “projects of all sizes” and “people with all skills”.

  • Variety of Templates
  • Immense Possibilities of development
  • Superiority in Supporting Mobile Devices
  • Possess Fixed & fluid patterns in grid system
  • Heavy coding needed.

Initially it is released as frontend framework that is open source. Now the days it is also used as Internal Style guide developed by ZURB Design Agency whose clients are facebook, ebay & NYSE. Its latest version is Foundation 6. The Aim of using foundation with your website is to provide upon your website design.

Foundation has a advanced interface system that increases its creativity level. Compatibility with all devices and responsive framework helps in design & developing elegant websites

  • Customization Abilities
  • Supports Rapid Development
  • Offers Services for websites & emails both.
  • Readily Available codes & templates
  • Robust grid system
  • Tad bit complexity
  • Less popular
  • Codes Modification is tough.