Cake PHP Development

Cake Php is one of the most popular and first php framework. The Cake DC is the chief of Cake Php Development. Merging the Cake Php & Cake DC makes the perfect pair to bring your ideas & creativity ideas in real life without taking less amount of time.

Cake Php makes it easier to build web application simple & faster with less code requirements. The Latest Php 7 Framework offers Flexible database accessibility layer with powerful scaffolding system that makes small & complex codes simpler & easier. And also less amount of codes with best features makes it quicker & solid framework with Cake php.

Features & Benefits of using Cake Php
  • Out of the Box, MVC Conventions
  • Composer Based Installer
  • Flexible Templates System
  • Built for Rapid App Developments
  • Completely Extensible with Custom Plugins
  • Open Source Framework with MIT License
  • Code Generation & Scaffolding Tools
  • Database Abstraction
  • 3rd Party Vendor Support
  • Support for Caching Engines
  • Configuration Design Conventions
  • Built in Security
  • Extensive
  • MySQL, MSSQL, SQLite & Postgres
  • Powerful routing
Reasons to Use Cake Php
  • MVC Pattern
  • Object Relationship Mapping
  • Zero Configuration
  • Class Inheritance Properly
  • Build in validation
  • Extendable, Customizable , Plugins
  • ACL functionality & Security
  • Ajax Support
  • CRUD Scaffolding
  • Ability to Create Tests
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