HTML5 technology helps create powerful and advanced websites and apps that work seamlessly across various devices and browsers. CSS3 offers advanced features for web formatting and layout theme that are not only fast but look great as well.

HTML5 makes your website highly interactive, good for SEO, hosting audio or video, and universally viewable and accessible. CSS3 is useful for making websites which reflect current design trends and also makes the website faster.

Our team of experts are highly skilled and constantly upgrade their abilities on technologies like CSS3, Javascript, AJAX and more. We help you introduce your brand online. Here are some features of HTML5:

  • Audio and video streaming support and playback
  • Data storage (Offline)
  • Drag and Drop support (Extended)
  • Web Sockets
  • Drawing capabilities (Extended-Canvas element)
  • Geolocation

CSS3 technology helps develop high-level website design, some features of it are:

  • Custom fonts (Embedding)
  • Page elements
  • Multiple background images
  • Curved edges for rectangular figures
  • Shadow style for fonts as well as for regions
  • Webkit based browsers (Safari and Chrome) contain transform and transition

It is important for businesses to both take advantage of these technologies and to supplement or advance their current websites and web applications to take advantage of HTML5 and CSS3 benefits. We help you plan ahead and use these technologies both in developing new products and upgrading your current website, web services, and web applications.