Getting Started With LESS

A CSS pre-processor, which extends the CSS languages, adds features that allow variables, mixins, functions.

Less originally written in Ruby and then ported to JavaScript. Less was inspired by SASS and works similar to it. Less has a set of leaner features and syntax closely matching to CSS.

Less is continuously maintained by core contributor’s team of lessdevelopers with great support & community involvement.

The Plain CSS is restricted and hard to manage. So it’s time to grade up your website by the use of dynamic CSS with LESS.

Less is a superset of CSS so all the CSS code is valid in LESS but it also has some additional elements which are not valid in CSS. Less is compatible to run on both client and server side. For Client Side running Less uses Webkit, Firefox, and IE 6+ etc. To run less on server side it uses Node.js.

Less extends the functionality of CSS by using variables, mixins, functions and operations. It enables you to write the style sheets with the creative mindset.

Less Features:

  • Download Free and use Less.js.
  • You can use less.js in the packages or distributions that you create.
  • It requires a copy of the license in the packages you use less.js.
{less} runs inside Node, in the browser & inside Rhino