Web Development

Web development refer to a great term for building websites & deploying on the web. Website development needs scripting languages both at server side as well as client side. Website development ranges from simple static web page to the complex web based internet application , social networking services. The most important tasks of web development is web design, web engineering, web content development, client side / server side scripting languages, web servers & network security configuration, ecommerce development etc.

Web Development Process
  • Find Purpose
  • Planning
  • Designing
  • Collect Content
  • Building Modules
  • Testing
  • Server Uploading
  • Marketing & Maintenance
Web Development Tools

Web development tools helps in testing & debugging errors & bugs in the websites. All the browsers have their inbuilt tools for this purposes as Addons.


HTML and DOM View permits to see the DOM as it rendered and also for making changes to HTML & DOM and see the reflection on pages after making changes.

Resources, Assets & Network Information

Web development tools help developer to inspect the used resources that are loaded & available on the page.

Profiling & Auditing

Profiling is the process of getting information about the performance of Website, web page or web application. While the Auditing provides developers suggestions for optimization, to decrease page load time & increasing responsiveness of webpage after analysis.